A message to my community, October 19, 2021

While the Unsworth campaign did not come out on top, we still won in so many ways. I am so proud that 8,300 Ward 13 citizens believed in us and gave us their vote. In turn, we gave a lot of Ward 13 residents a voice and sense of hope they hadn’t had in previous elections. Together, we created a movement of positivity, progress, and future-forward thinking in our community – and it can only grow from here.

I am grateful to all of you for the many contributions big and small you’ve made along the way. I wanted to do this to help build our community, and together we’ve already started doing that. As a resident of Ward 13 I will continue to work hard every day to bring a sense of joy, optimism, and drive to our Ward and City.









Why I am running for City Council

We deserve better from our leaders.

City Council can and must change to propel Calgary forward.

I'm ready to reimagine Calgary’s future.

My vision for Calgary’s future

Calgary is on a precipice of meaningful change. Propelled by an unwavering commitment to people, strong business acumen, and relentless optimism, I have a strong vision for Calgary's future. 

For a city to be great it has to be great for everyone. As the representative for Ward 13, I will create concrete, forward-thinking, and realistic plans to lead our city to being strong, vibrant, and welcoming. I will work with people and organizations to create a prosperous future based on innovation and inclusiveness, and to find better ways to harness opportunity. Together, we can realize the promise of Calgary.

Why I am different

I am different from the other candidates running in Ward 13. Here’s why
I live in Ward 13
(our current Councilor and another candidate do not). This is really important – to represent a Ward you should be entrenched in that Ward. I support and celebrate small businesses in Ward 13. I engage with my neighbours in Ward 13. I play and explore with my family in Ward 13. I understand what matters to Ward 13 residents.
I am the only independent candidate running in Ward 13
I am not affiliated with or financially backed by any political party or slate. I am running for Calgary and Ward 13, and will make decisions with my fellow Calgarians’ best interests top-of-mind.
I have the education and experience to do this job well and help revitalize Calgary’s economy.
I have a proven track record of building people and profits up, innovating, problem solving, and getting things done. All in complex environments, with complex stakeholder groups. I can hit the ground running at City Hall and am committed to being a team player in making Calgary a great place to live and work.
I believe in inclusivity and accountability
and will hear, support, and act on behalf of all people in Ward 13, and our Tsuut’ina Nation neighbours.
I think differently
I solve problems. I collaborate. I bring the right experts to the table to make the best decisions. I listen. I ground my work in proven data. I am not afraid to act.
I am not running to get or keep a job
I love my current job  – but at this critical time in our city’s history,  I feel compelled to contribute to my community and support my neighbours, and believe I am the best person to help our city recover and move forward.
I support accessibility
to opportunity, to education, to health care, to transit, to good jobs, to safe homes, to active lifestyles, to creative pursuits – for all.
I work hard to connect with and keep young Calgarians (including my own daughter) in Calgary
by providing opportunities to live, grow, and flourish. This is the ‘new west’, and we need to work towards creating an inclusive, forward-thinking, diverse, global culture that our younger generations want and deserve.

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