We can, we must,

I believe in the enormous potential of Calgary, even as we face a historic set of challenges.

We need new ideas and leadership for a new economy. The future is here, and the world has changed.

Why I am running for City Council

We deserve better from our leaders.

City Council can and must change to propel Calgary forward.

I'm ready to reimagine Calgary’s future.

My vision for Calgary’s future

Calgary is on a precipice of meaningful change. Propelled by an unwavering commitment to people, strong business acumen, and relentless optimism, I have a strong vision for Calgary's future. 

For a city to be great it has to be great for everyone. As the representative for Ward 13, I will create concrete, forward-thinking, and realistic plans to lead our city to being strong, vibrant, and welcoming. I will work with people and organizations to create a prosperous future based on innovation and inclusiveness, and to find better ways to harness opportunity. Together, we can realize the promise of Calgary.

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