My vision for Calgary’s future

Preserving the core while stimulating progress is the hallmark of great organizations that endure the test of time. With this in mind, I feel that Calgary is on a precipice of meaningful change. I relish the opportunity to play a supporting role in ensuring the future success and sustainability of our city, while delivering on my commitment to provide exceptional and visionary leadership.

There are so many talented, bright, energetic people in this city out of work — we need to focus our energies on helping these people to find fulfilling work or pivot, so they can use their skills in different ways to build a new economy.

Together, we need to work towards our city’s vision, “Calgary: a great place to make a living, a great place to make a life”. To do this, we must take the obstacles in front of us as opportunities, redirect our energy, and channel the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit we are known for to reimagine our amazing city.

There is an exciting future ahead for us and I look forward to playing a role in trailblazing the path to get there.

I believe in…

01. I believe in transparency

I will speak the truth, be genuine and sincere, and always stand up for what is right.

02. I believe in creating opportunities for people to thrive.

I will channel my relentless optimism and fierce commitment to people to work to achieve the best future for all.

03. I believe in strategy and accountability.

I will develop predictable and sustainable financial, environmental, and social practices built on responsible governance.

04. I believe in innovation and progress.

I will never shrink from a challenge, will always ask “why” and will have the courage to explore different ideas to propel our community forward.

Pillars of my campaign

As the representative for Ward 13, my focus will be to ensure all Calgarians can thrive by making three simple but hugely important promises - accountability, accessibility and affordability.
Responsible spending, smart investments
  • Reflect current economic realities of citizens and businesses.
  • Address must-haves before nice-to-haves.
  • Find efficiencies, not user fees.
  • Invest in the services and infrastructure to keep Calgary competitive globally, attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Create a more resilient economy by encouraging new industries.
  • Create opportunities for entrepreneurial citizens.
  • Bridge government, non-profit, and for-profit sectors to foster innovation.
  • Support citizens to find opportunities by leveraging city resources, as well as connect with provincial and federal support - I will not leave dollars on the table.
Strong, experienced city leadership
  • Maintain upfront honesty without a hidden agenda.
  • Be forthright on the behind-the-scenes issues facing city operations.
  • Work to limit in-camera meeting time.
  • Create a framework and tracking system for governance accountability relative to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.
  • Combat council dysfunction by working with my colleagues on common ground issues through difficult yet respectful conversations, and helping to create a team dynamic.
  • Show up for council meetings informed and ready to have meaningful conversation.
  • Never forgo my fiduciary responsibility, and make my voting record public.
Getting around
  • Build a future-forward city using existing infrastructure. Focus on growing up, not out.
  • Reduce reliance on single-use passenger vehicles by making public transit a more viable option for more people.
  • Create more walkable, cyclable, and inclusive communities.
Citizen engagement
  • Develop feedback loops for citizen involvement related to future development.
  • Support community development by working with community associations and community interest groups.
  • Collaborate with people and organizations to create a predictable future based on inclusiveness and better ways to harness opportunity.

Join the Movement

With your support, we can create a movement for change and possibility in our city!