Featured ward 13 Business

Best Bet 4 Pets

June 7, 2021

My giant puppy Agnes and I met with Ward 13 business owner Brittany Gerber at her family-owned, independent pet store in Silverado, Best Bet 4 Pets, to talk about why she loves living and owning a business in Ward 13, and what she wants our future leaders to focus on.

Since opening Best Bet 4 Pets in 2017, Brittany has done a great job of showcasing local suppliers and entrepreneurs through her own small business by offering a wide array of locally sourced, high-quality pet food, treats, toys and more. Trust me, with a senior dog and a growing puppy I am in her shop often!

Brittany’s story showcases the story of so many Calgarians — one of working hard, passion for what she does and her community, and wanting leaders who help all Calgarians thrive.

“Our store is located in Silverado, a community that I absolutely adore, and I live nearby, in Evergreen. Silverado is such a great ‘small town feel’ community, and has always rallied around to support us. We feel incredibly lucky to have found such a supportive community to grow our business in. Moving forward I think Calgary’s leaders need to focus on how the community can be encouraged to support local, small businesses. Calgary is home to so many amazing entrepreneurs and makers. I think it is crucial we focus on building up our local economy, with a focus on community over competition. Small business gives back to the community in so many different ways, and it would be so wonderful to see our local economy thriving post-pandemic.”