Featured ward 13 Business

Patisserie du soleil

July 15, 2021

Ward 13 business owner and resident Ala runs the famed family-owned and operated cafe, Patisserie du soleil.

The family has been baking in Calgary since 1999, with Ala moving the business to Woodbine to build his success in the community where he lives. ‘Real food for real people’ is the philosophy behind the fantastically successful cafe. The love and care for each pastry treat and person who enters the Patisserie has ensured their place as a Calgary favourite.

“We need a City Councillor who is in the community; who knows the in’s and out’s of the community; who can see the needs of the neighbourhood. We are totally behind Jay as a new candidate for the next civil election - because he lives in the neighbourhood and connects with his community."

If you find yourself by Woodbine, make a trip to the Patisserie du soleil and try some of their delicious food!