Why I am running for City Council

City Council can and must change to propel Calgary forward.

Our city has changed - but unfortunately our leadership and the vision for our city haven’t.  And that is negatively impacting all of us.

For a city to be great it has to be great for everyone. I want Calgary to regain it’s standing as one of the top destinations in the world for people to call home.

We need to focus our energies on helping people find fulfilling work or pivot, so they can use their skills in different ways to build a new economy.

We need to stop endlessly debating old issues and move forward. We waste time and money arguing about past decisions without working together to put forward new ideas.

We need to focus on what the citizens of Calgary need today, and for the future.

We need leaders who are passionate about Calgary and supporting Calgarians. We need leaders who have the experience and education to do the job well. We need new ideas and perspectives.

Simply - we need new city leaders!

We deserve better from our leaders.

Since I am never one to complain from the sidelines,  I feel it is my responsibility to be a part of the solution.

Join the movement
I am running for council because it’s the right thing to do.
I am running to help spark conversation about what’s happening in - and to - our city.
I am running because my education and experience give me the tools to make an impact from day one.
I am running to help create a prosperous future for our city.

Our city is a special place

Even in difficult times, there's a strong sense of optimism, innovation, and opportunity. It is a great place to live and make a living, but what has made Calgary one of the most livable cities in the world won't be enough to propel us forward indefinitely.

The next generations deserve the same quality of life that many of us have experienced. I want a city where everyone can thrive and feels a sense of pride. I want Calgary to regain it’s standing as one of the top destinations in the world for people to call home.

I'm ready to reimagine Calgary’s future.

I’m not a career politician - but I do know Calgary, I know Calgarians, and I know how to fix problems. As Ward 13 councillor I will provide strong and courageous leadership through the good and bad times, when no one is watching, with an unshakable focus on progress - for the benefit of all Calgarians.

My commitment to my Ward 13 neighbours is simple

I will be available to you. I’ll ask you what you want. We'll talk. I’ll listen. And I promise to represent the priorities and needs of you and your fellow Calgarians with integrity, transparency, and my relentless drive to get things done.
I expect high levels of accountability for myself, and our City leaders. And you can and should have those same expectations of me. I'll be here to serve you.
As the representative for Ward 13, my focus will be to ensure all Calgarians can thrive by making three simple but hugely important promises -  accountability, accessibility and affordability.
My campaign platform stands on working with people and organizations to create a prosperous future based on innovation and inclusiveness, and to find better ways to harness opportunity.
I'm confident that I'll contribute to concrete short-term and long-term plans that will lead to our city being strong, vibrant, and welcoming. My goal is financial, social, and environmental sustainability for all, and I have the experience and tenacity to make that goal a reality.

Join the Movement

With your support, we can create a movement for change and possibility in our city!